Yikes, That Was July


Martini, Martini, Martini

C’est la première carte postale écrite par un groupe!

Il était difficile de choisir un titre, parce qu’Il y avait tellement de belles phrases. J’ai écrit un peu de cette po française moi, j’ai dû utiliser un traducteur pour vérifier ainsi. Par exemple, je ne sais pas vraiment le mot, “po.” Je m’ennuie de Paris, et fait d’utiliser mon français terrible.

p.s. Sorry, France, I’m sure I really messed that up.

Isaac Newton Was Kind of a Douche

Today we learn that Isaac Newton was kind of an arrogant douche. I’m surprised that Raquel didn’t include a citation actually, as she’s in the sort of business that requires it. Alas, she didn’t, so I was forced to ask my friend, the world wide answer-giver. My first search was, “isaac newton douche” to see if any like-minded person out there had posted similar information. This led me to a video game message board with a thread entitled, “Biggest douche in the world,” under which I found a post that said, “Isaac Newton , if he didnt came up with this so called “gravity” then i could fucking fly!” Ha! I almost want to stop searching right there.

Actually, I have to scarf down the rest of my lunch and run to a meeting, so for the moment I am going to stop searching. If any of you have any information about the douchebaggery of Sir Isaac Newton, please comment. Nick and Raquel, I’m looking at you.

Things That Remind Me of You

I nearly forgot to post today. I think I had too much sleep – over 12 hours! I bailed on a class last night to sleep, and tonight I’m bailing on another class to put away the enormous amount of laundry that I did yesterday (most of it is still hanging in every doorway and from my shower curtain rod). Likewise, I’m bailing on this entry. The postcard and my love of Raquel will have to stand alone.