Summer Wanes


A Riot of Freckles

Well, I’ve been all over the place this past week and a half, and my body responded with “F YOU!” about halfway through. I’m sick, up against deadlines, and I’ve been neglecting all things creative. I didn’t manage a single postcard from Denver, and only one from Atlanta (Grandma wins), but I still haven’t even posted all the ones I sent from my prior trip; it’s the posting here that’s the problem really, not the posting cards. Needs improvement.

I did come home with a few more freckles than I started with, and I have been dreaming of a weekend of doing nothing on a beach, so this postcard from McC is apropos. Back to work with me, now. Sigh.

Dear Miss Fantastic

I watched Le Samourai this morning, and understood far more without the subtitles than I did watching a Japanese film recently. A couple of the scenes made me long for Paris and fluency. Sigh. I haven’t listened to Japanese lessons for days, but then I’ve been on vacation and the downtime hasn’t presented itself.

I love it out here in California — the produce, the sourdough, the coffee, the climate, the ocean, the friends, and the family — but I’m going to be glad to get home to my kitchen and its dangerous proliferation of baked goods. Tricky, fabulous New York… what have you done to me? I usually want to stay away from home forever.

Trivia: this postcard was sent to Indio, and I’m staying with someone who grew up in Indio.