Oughta Come Say Howdy


Fact: I am always delighted when “azalea” is used in crossword puzzles.

I’m pleased every time I know the name of some member of the plant kingdom, and surprised to find that a lot of people don’t know (or just don’t care about?!) very many plant names. This is our world, we should know the names of the things that surround us. That said, I often question whether I’m getting azaleas and rhododendrons mixed up. Now I’ve learned why – they’re related! Thanks, McC!


Looking for the Perfect Fern

I am totally enamored with this color palette, and the pattern on the envelope.  What a lovely thing to find in my mailbox!  Doubly wonderful, because just the day before I had made a mental note to contact McC for her new address.  Mind reader.

This message put an image of an idealized bathroom in my mind: everything in white, with shiny little octagonal tiles on the floor, light streaming in through floor to ceiling windows (above the internal shutters or wooden blinds that go half way up for privacy), a huge claw-foot tub in the middle with plenty of space around it, and a perfect fern… either in a giant pot on the floor or on a plant stand near the tub.  There would have to be other furniture and amenities of course, but those are the important details in my mental image.  Those and a huge fluffy white towel.

I may be starved for a relaxing bath.

McC, I hope you’ve found your fern.