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Playing Dead in Rompers

Postal Salute’s own International Man of Leisure brought this postcard back for me from Brazil, along with a few other bizarre ones that will make an appearance eventually.

Staycation is a silly word, and indeed I thought it a silly concept at one time, but it sure does sound alluring right now. I have followed suit and requested time off in the coming weeks to stay home, relax, clean, watch movies, and hopefully write postcards. Fingers crossed… I haven’t received an approval yet.

Not Until My 50th

This one arrived super late (though I’ve had it for a while) from Postal Salute’s International Man of Leisure, Anto. Props for the penguin and the discussion of a place I’d love to check out someday. Chile too! I want to go everywhere. Accepting donations.

Is Antartica vs. Antarctica just a language thing?

From Night Club to Beach

I received these first two when I walked through the door on my return from California; the sunblock at the beach thing had me laughing out loud. Great set. Our International Man of Leisure is back from his 5 month journey (17 countries, where the other postcards at? ha), but only skimmed the surface with tales at dinner last night. He did, however, give me a stack of postcards… a couple of used/vintage ones (below), some new. I asked if he got them at the 2nd hand shop he mentioned in his postcard, and he confirmed.

Logistical Problems

Ahh, Postal Salute’s Official International Man of Leisure pings us from afar. Just 3 short weeks from today he will be back in New York City, dining with yours truly.  Until then he’ll be drifting about the world making people dance, sampling amazing foods and drinks, and evaluating the international honeys.  Last I heard he’d made it to Rio and was headed to Buenos Aires.  Hope there are more postcards on the way! Anto is so good at this… I find the obverse of this postcard to be exquisite.

I wonder if Savanna cider tastes any different in the homeland. I used to love drinking them out on the deck of The Other Side Cafe in Boston, until NE distribution was pulled for some reason. When they disappeared a few of us snatched up all the remaining cases from local liquor stores, so for a short while I had them to spare. I gave one to Anto on a trip down to NYC years ago; he still has it sitting on a shelf in his room (picture below). Ha! I had meant for him to drink it, but I kind of love that he saved it instead.

Infested With Storks

Ahh Anto, my Scorpio Wing, and Postal Salute’s International Man of Leisure. Yes, that is a newly dubbed title.

I was wondering whether Kampala is really infested with storks, or if he meant pelicans like the Kenyan ones pictured here (really, human sized storks?). I asked the internets about it and discovered the Greater Adjutant – Whoa! Sorry I doubted you, Anto!

Further investigation found the videos below, of the Marabou, Greater Adjutant, and Lesser Adjutant, respectively. Apparently they’re all related, but the African Marabou is the one that Anto would have seen in Uganda. I actually find the sound of them clapping their mouths shut on their victims to be really soothing. Is that strange?

I should make trip up to the Bronx Zoo to see the Lesser Adjutant… their eyes and beaks are so mesmerizing.