Oughta Come Say Howdy


Fact: I am always delighted when “azalea” is used in crossword puzzles.

I’m pleased every time I know the name of some member of the plant kingdom, and surprised to find that a lot of people don’t know (or just don’t care about?!) very many plant names. This is our world, we should know the names of the things that surround us. That said, I often question whether I’m getting azaleas and rhododendrons mixed up. Now I’ve learned why – they’re related! Thanks, McC!


How Did That Happen?

The real questions here:  How did I become the type of person that puts an old motherboard on her mortarboard for college graduation?  How have I reached a place where I’m willing to admit this on the intertubes?

All Business is Chaos

I love the “NOW: DINOSAURS” part, particularly the triceratops drummer. If I could draw anything that was worth y’all focusing your eyes on I would do that all the time, but alas, it isn’t in the cards. I did not mean that as a pun, in fact it’s paining me right now to not delete it. Ugh.

New paragraph. This discussion of rationality is interesting to me, since I’m coming to realize (read: people have been attempting to beat this into me for years and I’m just now getting it) that logic and reason are vices for me. I try to apply logic to matters of love and my BFF yells at me. I try to apply logic to martial arts and in trying to “figure it out” I lose the feeling of it. Last year I was taught a particularly painful lesson about “listening to your gut” rather than trying to “logic your way through it.” Is this appropriate for every situation? Probably not. If you need me I’ll be caught in reasoning purgatory, trying to logic my way through whether or not a situation is gut-appropriate or logic-appropriate.

I wonder if I would do better in business? Sadly, there’s nothing interesting about business to me. When I hear the term “MBA” I cringe; I can’t think of a degree that would be more miserable to attain. I wish I cared about that stuff, I wouldn’t be in such debt. Sigh. At least logic & reason are helpful in the programming department.