Over-Funded Man-Child



Images of Her Family

Kat has an amazing collection of art. I’m reminded of the vibrant art scene in Santa Cruz every time she sends a postcard from a gallery. My Pop used to take me to gallery openings when I was a kid, but I’ve really fallen out of the habit. It occurred to me recently that I ought to do a lot more of that here in New York (I’ve only been to a couple of them), or at the very least spend more time in the city’s many museums. My to do list is long.

Things That Remind Me of You

I nearly forgot to post today. I think I had too much sleep – over 12 hours! I bailed on a class last night to sleep, and tonight I’m bailing on another class to put away the enormous amount of laundry that I did yesterday (most of it is still hanging in every doorway and from my shower curtain rod). Likewise, I’m bailing on this entry. The postcard and my love of Raquel will have to stand alone.