Scott Tissue


One issue with waiting six months to post a sent postcard is it becomes hard to remember what you were even talking about. We must have had a conversation about how much Scott Tissue sucks at some point? This was funny at the time, I swear.

Also mildly humorous is the fact that I had an entire blank postcard on which to write the date, and still I managed to run into the printed “Ad Nauseum” anyway. Sigh.

Walkways to Other Worlds



Well, it’s been a long time. Life (and discovering that friends have lost theirs) gets in the way, and sometimes you just can’t pull it together enough to blog. By which I mean, sometimes I can’t. I’ve received a bunch of postcards since I last posted, and I’ve sent quite a few too. This is me trying to get back into the swing of it.

Thankfully, every year things turn green and we get to begin again. Happy Spring!

P.S. I did get to visit Counsel, in November. It was a wholly wonderful reunion. She and I have a photo project over here.