My Favorite Season / Pinups for Soldiers




How Did That Happen?

The real questions here:  How did I become the type of person that puts an old motherboard on her mortarboard for college graduation?  How have I reached a place where I’m willing to admit this on the intertubes?

Eye-Catching Plumage

Kat has been cleaning out closets and drawers it looks like, sending me images of past trips as well as newspaper clippings of photos she thinks will interest me (that do!). From top to bottom, the photos are of:

  • External and internal shots of the bakery we visited many times in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. This woman made the best brownies the Earth has ever known.
  • An artist in Luang Prabang, Laos who made screenprinted cards, etc. We liked his jacket so much we got army surplus jackets from the market and had him custom screen them for us.
  • Me, Kat, and my older brother, in Southern Pines, NC for Thanksgiving years ago.

Looking for the Perfect Fern

I am totally enamored with this color palette, and the pattern on the envelope.  What a lovely thing to find in my mailbox!  Doubly wonderful, because just the day before I had made a mental note to contact McC for her new address.  Mind reader.

This message put an image of an idealized bathroom in my mind: everything in white, with shiny little octagonal tiles on the floor, light streaming in through floor to ceiling windows (above the internal shutters or wooden blinds that go half way up for privacy), a huge claw-foot tub in the middle with plenty of space around it, and a perfect fern… either in a giant pot on the floor or on a plant stand near the tub.  There would have to be other furniture and amenities of course, but those are the important details in my mental image.  Those and a huge fluffy white towel.

I may be starved for a relaxing bath.

McC, I hope you’ve found your fern.

As You Were to Your Papa

I’m digging in the vaults here, as I’ve been slacking on sending postcards for a few weeks. I’m now carrying my little case in my purse again, and I’m running out of old cards and postcards to post, so the blog accountability thing is about to kick in. Yay.

I realize as I reread and post this, she must have sent it in 1999, not 1998 as I had thought when I named the image files. I was working at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston both years, but the details in the card only check out for 1999. Really endearing correspondence, this, and nostalgic. Neither my Pop nor my Gram are with us now.

Happy almost Father’s day to all of you dads out there… and to those of you who still have your dads and grandmas, show them some love please.