Oughta Come Say Howdy


Fact: I am always delighted when “azalea” is used in crossword puzzles.

I’m pleased every time I know the name of some member of the plant kingdom, and surprised to find that a lot of people don’t know (or just don’t care about?!) very many plant names. This is our world, we should know the names of the things that surround us. That said, I often question whether I’m getting azaleas and rhododendrons mixed up. Now I’ve learned why – they’re related! Thanks, McC!


Scott Tissue


One issue with waiting six months to post a sent postcard is it becomes hard to remember what you were even talking about. We must have had a conversation about how much Scott Tissue sucks at some point? This was funny at the time, I swear.

Also mildly humorous is the fact that I had an entire blank postcard on which to write the date, and still I managed to run into the printed “Ad Nauseum” anyway. Sigh.

Walkways to Other Worlds



Well, it’s been a long time. Life (and discovering that friends have lost theirs) gets in the way, and sometimes you just can’t pull it together enough to blog. By which I mean, sometimes I can’t. I’ve received a bunch of postcards since I last posted, and I’ve sent quite a few too. This is me trying to get back into the swing of it.

Thankfully, every year things turn green and we get to begin again. Happy Spring!

P.S. I did get to visit Counsel, in November. It was a wholly wonderful reunion. She and I have a photo project over here.