I don’t reach out to my friends and family by mail enough. It’s time to salute them the old school way, by post. As my life is a vast web of self trickery, I’ve created this blog to hold myself accountable.

For yet another blog on the interweb, I would like to blame Jared and Jess, who recently gave me a box of 100 postcards as a gift. I’d also like to blame Jam, who is so good at writing postcards to his friends that it makes us all look just awful. Kathy and McLaren are excellent at sending mail and making the rest of us feel like inferior humans as well. And I am to blame for buying postcards wherever I travel and rarely sending them, so that there are little caches of them in every box and closet.


A Note on Redaction:

For the sake of privacy, I’m obscuring last name, street address, and zip code, sometimes more if I deem that necessary or the sender or recipient requests it to be so. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


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