A Little Challenging

I received a delightful response to this postcard via text:

“Got your postcard, thanks! When you try the tea again imagine mountainous woods on a sunny, cool fall day and the uplifting feeling you might have with the grounding, slightly sweet smell of fresh air, fallen leaves, dead wood and dirt. To me it is an opulent, though foreign treat that elicits a unique and desirable mental and emotional experience. Sober, content, quiet, grounded, balanced.”

I love this! It reminds me of the walks of my childhood that I wish I could experience again. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it again with these things in mind.

The tea is called Black River Mountain, an example of a class of tea called Pu-erh. While not available on his website (Earth & Water Tea Lounge and Artisan Pottery Shop), he does keep it in his private collection, so you can call the number listed on the contact page if you’ve got to try it.

Thanks again, Corey! I’m so proud of you and your new business!


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