Made in Italy – Go Figure


Blue Class (Coffee and Fire)

Blue Class: What happens when your brain wants to write both Blue Collar and Working Class. You know, Working Collar.

Food and caffeine are central to my friendship with Leela. We’ve known each other so long that we have plenty of other glue holding our relationship together, but we always come back to food and coffee. Years ago when she was in Seattle and I was in Boston, we’d talk to each other as I was going to bed and she was just getting ready for work… 3am I think it generally was. She was working as a glass blower in a hot shop (thus, the fire), and I was up doing homework for my undergrad. I’m glad those days are over!

Happy Birthday Khed!

Giovanni once gave me a poster he made that just said the word STEAK over and over and over. He once made me a custom Quasimoto shirt that garners compliments nearly every time I wear it. He’s one of the first people I think of when I look through my Pop’s illustrations, and is the person I wanted to call when I descended into Michaels the other day (I would have, but my phone got no juice in there). G is tops, and this postcard is befitting of his place in my mind/life.

How Did That Happen?

The real questions here:  How did I become the type of person that puts an old motherboard on her mortarboard for college graduation?  How have I reached a place where I’m willing to admit this on the intertubes?

Order (Yay!!)

I got a copy of this postcard when I was in France in 2000, but I may have sent it to someone or it’s tucked away in a box somewhere. This one I was delighted to find in Kathy’s drawer last time I was in Santa Cruz, where it had likely been since she was on that same trip. The recipient also shared my love of the image, based on the voicemail I received letting me know it won a hard to achieve spot on her refrigerator. Yay order!

Images of Her Family

Kat has an amazing collection of art. I’m reminded of the vibrant art scene in Santa Cruz every time she sends a postcard from a gallery. My Pop used to take me to gallery openings when I was a kid, but I’ve really fallen out of the habit. It occurred to me recently that I ought to do a lot more of that here in New York (I’ve only been to a couple of them), or at the very least spend more time in the city’s many museums. My to do list is long.