Writing To You From An English Pub

The extra-awesome part about this postcard is that we thought it wasn’t going to arrive. Rather, we thought it had been lost. Dink wrote it in a bar, got drunk in the bar, and left it in the bar. I got so many apologetic texts and Facebook posts about how sorry she was that she found the perfect postcard and then lost it. But then, about a week later, it arrived! Thank you, random Providence resident, for dropping it in the mail!!

Let this be a lesson to us: stamp postcards as soon as they’re addressed. In case of loss, there’s a chance they’ll make it to the destination anyway.

I originally called this “Eat Our Faces Off” as that’s what I named the image file when I scanned it. However, the awful bath salts incident that occurred since makes that rather distasteful to me, and I finally made myself change it.


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