Egg Cup

I have a bit of an obsession. Ok, many of them, but when it comes to china, Gustavsberg (by Stig Lindberg) is my jam: the Prunus and Bersa patterns. I can’t afford it, so mostly I just admire it online. In a stroke of pure masochism one day, I created eBay alerts that will notify me when new items appear… someday I’ll get lucky with some cheap* buy it now item, right? Ugh. Well, years of torture has resulted in a single Prunus dinner plate, and now this adorable egg cup.

I love patterns, I look for them everywhere. I love bold design and large blocks of color. I fell for the Bersa pattern first just because (follow the link above and check out how they look when they’re all stacked up!), but in the case of this Prunus pattern, I know where my love of it comes from: a book I had as a kid, Eric Carle’s A Very Hungry Caterpillar. Note the plums here. Sigh.

This isn’t really a salutation from a friend, I paid this person in Sweden to send me the egg cup. However, I find international stamps interesting, and I felt like sharing. Besides, if you don’t let the internet know you’re obsessing over Bersa and Prunus, none will ever randomly come in the mail. Ha. Juuuust kidding. Mostly.

*”Cheap” is entirely relative. This tiny egg cup cost me a small fortune: $15.49 for the cup, plus $16.00 shipping. Oof. Like I said, obsession.


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