The Most Beautiful Thing

Photo by @djlopro

When I went to Japan in 2010 I brought back one real souvenir for myself: a bladed gardening tool that I found to be beautiful. From that point on it lived on the magnetic knife rack in my kitchen where I could admire it, but I didn’t take it down very often. At some point last year L took it down and flipped it around in his hand so quickly and naturally that I couldn’t shake the memory of it. When I went back to Japan in November I intended to find another one to give him, but I was so busy with classes that I never pulled it off.

Another friend pulled this tool off the rack to inspect in March, and I shared the memory with him. Somehow he convinced me that I should follow my gut and send it as a gift. My favorite blade… two dudes I adore somehow tricked me out of it! I still miss it, to be honest, but it feels good to have given such a superb (ha) and unexpected gift.

I picked this postcard up at the Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords, a small but lovely sword museum in northwestern Tokyo. We found gorgeous examples of tsuba and koshirae there. Of course, they also had badass katana and tachi, some of which were dinged from use.


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