John Travolta PC Club

I’ve waited too long to post this, and to respond; now Leah has temporarily moved out of her beautiful apartment in order for the landlord to remodel (because he’s bored… so frustrating). Summer has only just begin, but I fear that the drinks and pasta salad will need to be brought to an alternate location. We can handle it. I will not be wearing a vest like John, however. I do not plan to ever wear a vest like John.

Bring on the John Travolta PC Club! I’m a proud member.


Adventure Into Outer Space

Funny story about this postcard… I know two Eliza Janes. I was aware that the one who *didn’t* send the postcard was considering coming into town for Memorial Day weekend (though we had discussed another one as well), so when I received it I assumed it was from her. I had absolutely no idea who this Justin was who had so kindly taken the time to write me a message. Thoroughly perplexed, I sent the wrong Eliza Jane a message thanking her, and asking if I knew this Justin, which of course just confused her. Oh! It’s Boston EJ and Boston Justin! Ha! Love you guys.

Note to self: perform handwriting analysis upon receipt of postcards from either EJ.

How Is That Spiderlike?

Queen of Caffeine and Vegetables. That’s me.

Has everyone seen The Avengers yet? I’ve seen it twice somehow, 3D and 2D. I will admit to napping through much of the latter, but I really needed the sleep and I’d already seen it, so…. Anyway, fun fact, that was the first 3D film I’d seen since the glasses were made of paper. Whoa. For a programmer, I’m really kind of a luddite.

Champion of Freedom

This is kind of an unusual one, being an ad of sorts. However, I consider mail from EPIC to be mail I want to receive, so I’m gonna pass it along in case you happen to care about privacy in the digital world. These people are impressive enough that I send them money monthly. Which is saying a lot since I’ve got debt that I should be paying off instead. – check them out.