Sitting in Cars in Silence

In totally unrelated news, I came home last night to find what appeared to be a small turquoise egg on my landing. I was totally perplexed as to what it actually was or how it got there, as I’m on the top floor and there’s only one other apartment in the building. It was so brightly colored I first thought it must be foil wrapped chocolate… an Easter joke from the downstairs neighbors? Were they throwing them and one somehow made it up the stairs? A bit of a closer look revealed that it wasn’t reflective like foil, but it did have a sheen. I wondered whether it was plastic. Hands full and confused, I shoved at it with my toe. It broke, and a tiny yolk spilled out onto the floor. I said “oh nooo!” out loud, brushed the egg and shell off of the toe of my shoe onto the rug, and went inside. So sad! How did it get there? WTF?! It was so pretty. It was a good ten minutes before I could bring myself to go clean it up. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Sitting in Cars in Silence

  1. Oh noooo! Such a sad story. A robin’s egg in the city! Wonder if there’s a nest on the roof? Arg, so sorry.

  2. Blue egg….maybe a robin. Do you have robins in Brooklyn?
    Sorry it broke but If it wasn’t in the nest, chances are it would
    not make it to peeping. Amazing that it was unbroken on your step.
    Do you think it fell- or someone placed it there?
    Happy Rabbit day:)

    • There are robins everywhere in Central Park, and I’m sure in the Green-Wood Cemetery down the street too. I know it wouldn’t have lived, but I just have no idea how it got onto my landing!!

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