Omedetou Gozaimasu

Addy was kind enough to pass along scans of the received postcard, so we have an opportunity to see what happened to this one en route. Part of my congratulatory message was rubbed off, for one, and the woman’s perfect skin was marked up. There are of course the metering marks on the reverse, along with a great deal more smudging, and a generally dirty appearance which could just be the color/contrast difference in the scanner.

The thanks were for the book on Kyoto that she sent. I have subsequently found a set of postcards made from the book’s illustrations, so you’ll be seeing more of those up in here.

In US Postal Service news:

This postal overhaul bill did not receive the necessary 60 votes to proceed to debate. The bill would allow the Postal Service to recoup around $11 billion in overpayments to a retirement account and use that money to provide financial incentives to about 100,000 employees to retire, as well as delay the plan to end Saturday delivery for two years. -MegaVote, from

If you’re interested in the voting breakdown, you can find it at More information on this act can be found at


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