A Riot of Freckles

Well, I’ve been all over the place this past week and a half, and my body responded with “F YOU!” about halfway through. I’m sick, up against deadlines, and I’ve been neglecting all things creative. I didn’t manage a single postcard from Denver, and only one from Atlanta (Grandma wins), but I still haven’t even posted all the ones I sent from my prior trip; it’s the posting here that’s the problem really, not the posting cards. Needs improvement.

I did come home with a few more freckles than I started with, and I have been dreaming of a weekend of doing nothing on a beach, so this postcard from McC is apropos. Back to work with me, now. Sigh.


Joze Has Been Around

Ok, so I’ve started to write this post at least thrice, each time either finding myself too tired or becoming distracted. I’m falling behind! Too many out of town visitors, too many weekends away. Forgive me for a) failing to keep up the frequency that I had set for myself, and b) any forthcoming posts that contain no commentary. You actually may prefer it that way, who knows. For me this blog is about holding myself accountable and continuing to write postcards, and that’s happening, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it.