The Darkest of Photo Days

This just reminded me of a round I learned in my music class when I was very young:

Coffee is not for me
It’s a drink some people wake up with
That it makes them nervous is no myth
Slave to a coffee cup
They can’t give coffee up!

It’s super fun to sing! But it’s a lie. I could stop at any time. If I wanted to. Ahem.

Regarding the content of this postcard, if you’ve never checked out my other blog (A Year of Days), please do. We back-post in fits and starts, but we take photos every single day. It’s a project I love, and I’m so pleased that Counsel is along for the ride.

For the record, the title of this post and the line within the correspondence refers to the darkest of MY photo days, not hers. I think I may have made that change on the postcard and failed to re-scan it.


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