Important to Me

I woke up to the sound of Bob Dylan on the radio this morning, so it seemed fitting to post this one today.

In case you can’t read that last line (stupid scanner), it says, “I look forward to witnessing your future contributions to the world!”

This marks the fourth postcard written to somebody who can’t read on their own (I’ve previously sent two to my grandma who is nearly blind now, and one to Owen, who is too young to read). What do you think, is this a strange habit I’m forming? Notes by mail to small children seems a little on the edge, but still legit. There’s a little bit of trying to push the past forward involved… by the time these kids are old enough to send mail of their own, the USPS may have dissolved in favor of a privatized system.  Those of us with apartments may not be able to receive mail at our own homes in such a situation.  These postcards could in the near future be relics of an old system! You know, if they actually hold onto them. Which I don’t necessarily advocate, because I don’t want my friends’ children to become hoarders.


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