Dear Miss Fantastic

I watched Le Samourai this morning, and understood far more without the subtitles than I did watching a Japanese film recently. A couple of the scenes made me long for Paris and fluency. Sigh. I haven’t listened to Japanese lessons for days, but then I’ve been on vacation and the downtime hasn’t presented itself.

I love it out here in California — the produce, the sourdough, the coffee, the climate, the ocean, the friends, and the family — but I’m going to be glad to get home to my kitchen and its dangerous proliferation of baked goods. Tricky, fabulous New York… what have you done to me? I usually want to stay away from home forever.

Trivia: this postcard was sent to Indio, and I’m staying with someone who grew up in Indio.


One thought on “Dear Miss Fantastic

  1. We are magnetic opposites when we travel. This gem was waiting for me when I got back from Costa Rica, and I quick turned around for a business trip….

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