Isaac Newton Was Kind of a Douche

Today we learn that Isaac Newton was kind of an arrogant douche. I’m surprised that Raquel didn’t include a citation actually, as she’s in the sort of business that requires it. Alas, she didn’t, so I was forced to ask my friend, the world wide answer-giver. My first search was, “isaac newton douche” to see if any like-minded person out there had posted similar information. This led me to a video game message board with a thread entitled, “Biggest douche in the world,” under which I found a post that said, “Isaac Newton , if he didnt came up with this so called “gravity” then i could fucking fly!” Ha! I almost want to stop searching right there.

Actually, I have to scarf down the rest of my lunch and run to a meeting, so for the moment I am going to stop searching. If any of you have any information about the douchebaggery of Sir Isaac Newton, please comment. Nick and Raquel, I’m looking at you.


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