Can We Go for Burmese?

Sigh. Another cut-off scan. For the record, the bottom line says, “listening to Gang Starr reminds me of you. Can’t wait to see you!!”

I chose this postcard for Leela because of her lifelong love of comics, and because our common past has threads of Hinduism woven through it (though neither of us is Hindu). She’s one of my very best friends ever, one of the few people I can cry on the phone to on the rare occasions that that’s necessary. We both share a love of travel (she was my partner in crime in Paris all those years ago), and a true love/obsession with food. Her family introduced me to real bagels when I was a kid, her dad was the first person I ever knew to use gold foil in cake decorating, and she inspired me to get over my fear of making my own salad dressings. Of course, she had to know that I’d finally invested in a kitchen scale. Most people just put up with my food talk; Leela actually cares.

As far as I can recall, Leela also deserves credit for introducing me to Burmese food, one of my favorite cuisines. Last time I was in San Francisco I had Burmese 3 or 4 times (at 3 different places) in one week. Happiness! When I moved to New York (land of everything available at all times… or so I thought), I was disappointed to discover that the city has a single Burmese spot, and it’s just not as good as SF’s offerings.

I just experienced a short but intense emotional roller coaster while writing this… I looked up Mandalay (my favorite SF Burmese) on Yelp, and saw that they didn’t open until 5:00 on Fridays, which would have meant that I couldn’t go while I was there. Thankfully I had the thought to check Mandalay’s site, which shows that they will in fact be open for lunch. I’ve been burned by Yelp in this way a couple of times before, I shouldn’t have gotten worked up about it until I double checked, but my heart rate jumped anyway. My heart loves Burmese.


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