Morbid Anatomy

Part of the wonder of postcards is that they are just a little hello that doesn’t necessitate a response. The problem with a blog dealing mainly in postcards is that you have to either wait for the recipient to mention receipt, request confirmation, or wait what you think is enough time before posting. I wrote this on February 24th, which means it would have gone in the mail on either the 25th or the 27th (I don’t recall which… sometimes these hang out written in my purse for a bit). I messaged Eliza yesterday to ask if she’d received it (I figured she would have), and she said no! So much for my 3-days-to-Boston assumption… this took over a week!

As Eliza is both adorable and eager, she asked me to post this today anyway, because she wanted to see it immediately. I suggested that might take all the fun out of it, that we should wait a couple more days. She responded, “Hell no! I also like seeing movies when someone has told me the entire plot!” Actually, there was a typo in that line, but mistakes that happen in an IM window should stay there… I sure as hell don’t edit as much as I should, so I can’t expect others to. Aaaaanyway, a few hours later I received a text saying it had arrived. Problem solved!


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