Noticed in Horror

Here we have a creepy bit of artwork by the illustrious Kristen Ferrell. I’m rather obsessed with “We were never meant to be in boxes or behind counters; Part 1,” the top right painting shown here. I inquired about buying it back in the mid 2000s, but she had already sold it. I don’t even like pink! Her content is at times (ok, almost always) quite bizarre, but she manages to make her subjects at once adorable and scary. I love it. Anyway, check out her stuff if you’re into out of the ordinary art. She often has cool items in the shop (I had a dream about the recipe cards the other night).

This postcard acutely demonstrates my scanner issue wherein it cuts off the bottom of the reverse of most postcards. I tried adding dots in the corners of a more recent one and it worked, but we have a number to get through before that good sense kicked in, and whether I will remember to do that going forward is questionable.

If you haven’t checked out Letters of Note or Lists of Note I can’t recommend them enough. I feel compelled to forward nearly every LoN letter that comes to my inbox, but the people I want to share them with already read the blog, so I just have to remain in my own OMG this is amazing moment.


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