Hate to Be So Far Away

I’ve been meaning to write my dear 93 year old grandma for some time, but she can’t see anymore so I wasn’t sure if somebody would get around to reading it to her. I sent this anyway, after a friend posted a sweet tribute to his recently departed grandma on Facebook the night before. Life is short, and I love this woman soooo much. She generally can’t remember what happened a few minutes before, but for the time that this is being read to her she’ll know what’s going on and she’ll feel loved. …and it will be read to her! I received an email from a woman who cares for her the same evening that I mailed this, thanking my mom for sending cards and asking the rest of the family to please write. I’ll have to pick up the pace on grandma postcards.

Send some love to your grandma.


3 thoughts on “Hate to Be So Far Away

  1. Chai and hugs from your mama – when I got my postcard from you, it was like some full circle had happened – warmed the fragile side of my heart and watered my eyes from that little moment you took time to send me love.

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