Trapped Someplace Fabulous

Hang-out suggestions by mail. Philly is so close, really, but when you have work all week and have a standing calendar event in the city, it becomes hard to get away. I’ve been considering sending a postcard to my hairdresser in Boston (yes, she’s that good; for the first 2 years down here I went back up there every 2 months) to let her know that I’m a wreck and I miss her. Or maybe I should just get my ass up there. She doesn’t work on Sundays and the calender item is Saturday, with not enough time to make it up there for her last appointment afterward. Sigh.

I’ve pretty much always been like this, calendar packed to the gills. It doesn’t surprise anyone but me. My first 6 months in NY, though, my calendar was wide open. I had a chance to experience this magical thing that other people make it to called “happy hour” where the drinks are super cheap and it’s still light out. If you’ve never participated in that magic I suggest you try it before your schedule swallows you up like mine has done.

Anyway, Happy Leap Day! My employer gets an extra day of work out of me today, but I get to have an extra cup (series of cups, who am I kidding) of coffee, eat lunch one more time, and escape the office one more time. Those things don’t suck. By the way, I highly suggest last week’s episode of 30 Rock, which focuses on today (available on Hulu). Hilarious! Maybe I’ll wear yellow and blue to work.


2 thoughts on “Trapped Someplace Fabulous

    • you don’t want to hear this, but next time i’m up there i’m gonna be a ghost. i promised both chez and giovanni that i’d hang back in january and i still haven’t made it up.

      please get your ass down here.

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