I Hope to Make a Pattern

Julian brought this card back from China when he went last year (I’m glad I’m not the only one who buys postcards and brings them home). He told me that he brings back postcards from the places he travels and puts them up on his wall to look at the places he’s been. I told him he should start sending them to people, but I suppose I’m biased.

I have two US Postal Service news items to point out today:

    More importantly, the USPS plans to slash its processing centers by nearly 50%. It is expected that this will result in the loss of 35,000 jobs. This isn’t new news per se, as USPS financial issues have been growing more and more dire in recent years.  The USPS was crippled in 2006 by a law passed in Congress requiring advance funding of the health benefits of its workers for the next 75 years (more explanation and lots of links here).  This is basically my reasoning behind often overpaying with Forever stamps on my postcards… I consider it a donation to a beleaguered entity.  Too bad I can’t claim it on my taxes.

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