Sticker Booths Wane

Ah, Boston in the late 90’s: beating the heat in Chinese Dunkin’ Donuts, posing in glasses in photo booths, and late mornings reading bizarre magazine articles to each other on The Dream, the giant velour couch at Kristine’s (and for a short while my) loft. They were simpler times. Simple, yet complex.

This is the closest thing to a valentine that I sent this year. There’s the requisite red, but also, I like to think that recounting our good times reminded her how much I love her. Aww. I love this Eames stamp, too. I have a few more from the same sheet but as with all non-food items I love, I’m rationing them.

I acquired a number of Jack Handey cards in the mid-90’s (1994 is my best guess), and I’ve had them with a grip of other cards and postcards in a red Sesame Street lunchbox since then. Every once in a while I take them out, go through them, and put them away. Somehow the Deep Thoughts cards never get sent. I intend to change that, even if tearing off the back of them to turn them into postcards makes them look re-gifted. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… re-gifted is really just recycled! Hmm… may have to start regifting cards… suck it friends!


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