The Rich and the Chosen

I don’t remember buying this postcard, but I found it with a few that I bought on the old strip in Vegas, so that’s my best guess. Atlantic City in Vegas… weird. Then again, everything in Vegas is weird.

Riffing on the mismatch between book and passage from Justin’s correspondence (That Delicate Reserve, 02.09), I’ve juxtaposed something campy and lighthearted with something darker and totally unrelated.

The quote is from the Charles Bukowski poem, Dinosauria, We. There’s a kind of creepy reading by him on YouTube that I just discovered this morning, here. I find that reading poetry leads to better comprehension than listening; if you’re like me, you can find the text (albeit without the stanza breaks – boo) here.

Googling for the text of the poem just now taught me that MF Doom’s album title Born Like This was taken from the same poem. I knew I loved that guy!


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