Things That Remind Me of You

I nearly forgot to post today. I think I had too much sleep – over 12 hours! I bailed on a class last night to sleep, and tonight I’m bailing on another class to put away the enormous amount of laundry that I did yesterday (most of it is still hanging in every doorway and from my shower curtain rod). Likewise, I’m bailing on this entry. The postcard and my love of Raquel will have to stand alone.


2 thoughts on “Things That Remind Me of You

  1. Hello Rena!
    Thanks to your “numbered” comment i got to know your postcard blog, and i must say i love your idea, and i like the irony of posting to unknown people (as me) scanned real postcards you sent to known (by you) people. Am i clear? I guess not.
    Anyway, you just happen to have won the utter joy of finding surprises (from me) in your own mailbox soon! Just send me a mail with your real life address ***
    And for now: pixeled kisses to you *

    • Completely clear, it is kind of silly really, but it seems to be holding me accountable to contacting my friends and family more often.

      Cannot wait for the joy!! Real address sent.
      Baisers numériques! ha. Is that correct?

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