All of This May Be Wrong

The list of stuff I have to carry with me every day has been growing: coffee thermos, training clothes, lunch or empty containers (5x/wk), postcards, pens, iPod, wallet, phone, work badge, small book to take notes in, lip shit, keys, gloves, hat, umbrella (depending), baked goods (when I make them) and various other items. I generally carry a large purse (sometimes an auxiliary bag), and it’s nearly always heavier than I’d like. Occasionally I freak out and leave some of the items at home to make room and/or lighten the load, but inevitably I end up needing one of the discarded items that same day (umbrella – sigh).

I was on the long subway ride home from training a couple of weeks ago, and there were a few things I felt compelled to write down. Sometimes I just don’t feel like typing notes into my phone, but on this day I had left my small notebook behind. The only paper I had was a stack of postcards. I hesitated; it seemed crazy. Ultimately I decided this was a good use for a postcard I didn’t like in the first place, better than sending something I don’t like to somebody I like.

Now that I’ve received it, I think this postcard is growing on me. I like the guy in the Devo hat at the top right. I like the idea that someday I may actually be able to draw/paint whatever I might envision, simply by thinking about it.

First postcard sent to self, from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn. I’ve included both the sent and received versions for those curious about postal wear.


2 thoughts on “All of This May Be Wrong

    • i haven’t. man, i’ve gotten a lot of reading suggestions in the past week, i need to make a list to keep track of them. or write them to myself on a postcard. ha! i might do it.

      it’s crazy, i know, but shit, i’m in the habit of sending stuff now, and it seems a shame to waste a postcard. plus, the usps can use all the help they can get, even from nutbags like me.

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