Music is Like Smells

Here we have another package, sent by a dear old friend who was my roommate for a number of years in the 90’s. She seems to be implying that I prefer my asses bright white surrounded by a farmer’s tan – for the record, I do not.

Music *is* like smells. The cd on top immediately takes me back to the passenger seat of Daniella’s car, driving northwest on 36, cresting the hill and descending into Boulder. It always places me right there, the moment that we begin the descent. It’s a good memory. Handwriting is also like smells come to think of it, and Daniella’s handwriting is near the top of the list. Last time I saw her I saw I realized that I had missed her handwriting. I miss my Pop’s handwriting, too.

I realize that scanning the top of a three-dimensional stack of CDs (10 in all) and the accompanying ribbon is a little lazy, and that it results in a crappy scan, but I’m going with it for now. Sorry folks.

Can anyone tell me what the qr-like code on the postage is for? I’ve been seeing these on packages lately and I won’t redact them if I don’t need to. I was under the impression that a true qr code requires the 3 corner squares, so I don’t know what the hell these are or what to attempt to read them with. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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