Blog Love

Aww, the blog got a valentine. Except I don’t think the sender expected I’d post it (hope you’re ok with it, lovely!). McLaren is one of the reasons I began this blog, and I owe her some correspondence. I actually wrote half a postcard one day and ended up throwing it away (stamped and everything) because I was too fragmented to get my thoughts out clearly. I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately… too many hours at work. Good thing I’ve got a backlog of postcards sent and received. I also discovered some photographs (albeit shoddy) of postcards written from Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam in the early and mid 2000s that I’ll post at some point.

McC, I salute you, you are an amazing human! ❤ Answer me this though, why do we call you McC when you’re really McL?


3 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Also, I’m honored to have made it, although honestly, I would’ve cleaned up the penmanship. Heh.

    • i actually love the effortless flow of it. when you travel next you can impress us with your controlled penmanship, i promise. hehe

      thanks for this, my dear.

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