I Promise to Help With the Soup

Operation Tractor Beam. I believe my card was #7 in a barrage intended to remind the recipient what a good idea moving back to NYC would be.

The soup thing refers to an incident at a Korean restaurant in Japan last year. This person thinks I hate soup, but really soup just requires a particular confluence of weather, health (or lack thereof), and mood for me. Unless it’s summer, in which case I’ll go to town on some chilled soup, in particular, ajo blanco. Seriously, if you’ve never had this soup (also called “white gazpacho”), you must. I literally purchased a food processor just to make it (I needed to stop going to expensive restaurants to acquire it). Note that the Wiki page would lead one to believe that the vinegar is optional… I happen to think it’s crucial. Serve with sliced green grapes and chili oil sprinkled over the top.


3 thoughts on “I Promise to Help With the Soup

  1. Funny. I could eat soup every day. Hot soup. Sancocho. Borscht. Chowdah. Chili. Gumbo. Tom-Yam. Cioppino. Goulash. Phở! Not at every meal of the day, and maybe not for breakfast, but dammit, soup is good food. Unless it’s summer, in which case chilled soups require a particular confluence of weather and mood for me. The same goes for Bloody Marys.

    • By the way, when I’m sick my favorite soup to make at home is miso with kale and butternut or kabocha squash chunks. If I’m eating out, it is Duk Mandu Guk (spelling varies on this), hands down. All the photos I’ve found of the latter online look meh, but there’s a place a couple blocks from my work that makes an amazing rendition. If you love soup, we should go get it next time you’re in NY!! xo

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