A Year in Japan

Package No. 1. This was a shitload of scanning, but was thoughtfully packaged and worth it.

I haven’t made it very far in the book yet, and already I’m feeling the pangs of missing Japan. Once upon a time, I was in the habit of making lists that I generally entitled, “Things She Digs / Things She Hates On.” There’s not much to hate about receiving a package in the mail, nor is there much to hate about Kyoto (other than that my stay was so brief!), so I’m only going for half here…

Things She Digs (Japan)

  • the illustration in this book
  • the font/handwriting in this book (not the easiest on the eyes, but it works)
  • japanese textiles
  • attention to detail
  • all things matcha
  • indigo
  • traditional japanese architecture
  • beautifully arranged food
  • all things seasonal
  • no shoes indoors
  • the artwork
  • the food
  • the tea
  • the food
  • the food
  • tatami floors
  • futons and thick blankets

Gah! I want to spend a year in Japan so badly.

I didn’t scan the back of the card, but it is from Creativity Explored on Sixteenth St. in San Francisco (haven’t ever been there Addy!), and the image is of “Alcatraz” by Thanh Diep (mixed media on matboard, 2006). The card says that they’re “a non-profit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art.”


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