One of Us Has Changed

I’m a little afraid that this will be a spoiler, as I’ve seen signs on Facebook that Darcy is away on vacation. However, my laptop was making such an awful grinding noise this morning that I shut it off and headed to work without giving Postal Salute any attention. This was the only postcard that was already scanned and hanging out in a draft post, so I’m going for it. She isn’t following the blog as far as I can tell… here’s hoping.

The computer thing is freaking me out. AppleCare has long since expired, and I’ve already had this hard drive replaced once (and the power supply, and the power cable). I’m going to turn it back on tonight and hope for the best. It sounded really, really bad.


6 thoughts on “One of Us Has Changed

  1. THIS IS TOTALLY CRAZY I SENT THIS CARD TO DINK!!!! Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m living in the Truman Show. Do you know what it is about? It has no context for me, I just like the image, but I’m pretty sure I bought it at Boomerang in JP years ago.

    • This was one of the postcards that came in the box of 100 that I received as a Christmas gift, the box that along with you inspired me to start this project. I have no idea of the intended context, but Darcy and I have a history with wigs, and I thought she would appreciate the slightly dark nature of this.

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