For someone who is in love with the serial comma (aka the Oxford comma, aka the Harvard comma), I sure can change course mid sentence and screw up the punctuation. I was going to say that all I do is work and train, but I realized after writing it that it just isn’t true.  I also take a least one photo every day, and I’m pretty into cooking and eating (I even eat out with friends on occasion – shout out to GTSC!). I’m certainly living a simplified social life these days, but like I’m more balanced and happier for it.

The leftover custom stamps that I had made in 2006 are evidence of my prior postal suckage.  Here’s to less of that in the future.

In other suckage news, I seem to have encountered a new bug in WordPress that causes future scheduled posts to appear immediately.  This post may constitute my first spoiler.  I believe I put it in the mail on the 23rd which should be plenty of time to get across the city, but I’m not sure if Ryan’s even in town right now.  Sorry RyGuy!


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