True Luxury

I did in fact participate in pajama time when I finally came in out of the cold. 5pm Saturday until 2pm Sunday.  A third day off certainly helped, but when the weekend was over I actually felt as if I’d had one. I ought to lounge more often.

I spent Martin Luther King, Jr Day baking and subsequently eating a full sized apple tart, reading his I Have a Dream speech (as highlighted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by my Pop in 1993), watching his speeches on YouTube, and listening to his speeches on Spotify (a lot of them are one there – who knew?!). What an incredible man, and an incredible loss.

As a side note, I realized after typing “pajama” that I’ve always before written PJs, and I wasn’t positive whether it was pajama or pyjama (which I have also seen written). Delightfully, there is a whole Wikipedia page about pajamas, complete with a perplexing reference to hostess pajamas. Apparently the spelling difference is one of British vs. American English (the British use the y). Also delightful: American and British English spelling differences. Really, UK? Orientated? Tut-tut.


2 thoughts on “True Luxury

    • I planned to skip training tonight to watch the SOTU, but I’m stuck at work, and I fear I won’t be done in time to read what is beyond that link or to watch the SOTU. Argh.

      P.S. I wonder if somewhere out there is a British version of our friend The Dictator who refers to toilets as “your-eye-nation machines.”

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