Demolition Flag

After sending this I remembered that it was Parker St. I was walking along (how easily I attach one street name to another), though it was just between the Ruggles and Roxbury Crossing T stops, right around the corner from Ruggles St. Interestingly, one of the other photo memories that haunts me was at the intersection of Ruggles and Parker, when I saw that a whole pineapple had been thrown over the iron fence into the narrow yard outside the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. It lay there cradled in the tall lush grass, calling out for a photograph; I denied. I don’t remember whether I was carrying a camera or not… maybe I was in too much of a hurry to catch the train? Whatever excuse I had then doesn’t stand up to the test of time. Some scenes warrant returning with a camera, and in both of these cases I still wish I had. It’s like having one sweet drop of nectar and then having it taken from you before you get a proper taste. I want those scenes in my eyes again!


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