Dreaming of Allies

I’ve been drinking coffee all evening, making piles of stuff to get rid of, cleaning surfaces of dust and clutter, and reorganizing bit by bit. It’s a monumental task, but for the moment at least, I’m home and motivated. Just listened to a voicemail response to this postcard, promising how-to-clean-without-getting-overwhelmed advice if I return the call (I’ll call when I fall out of the zone – afraid to lose momentum!). I’m feeling this richer variety of communication methods… phone, email, social networking, text, and post.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Allies

  1. Rena- I’m reading your blog instead of attacking my clutter. How does it multiply so fast?? I’m new to this blog business- learning, learning:) Yes, I too need a house cleaner, sigh….but I have so much clutter, I can’t find my glasses so I can look up her number- and how can she dust/vacuum around my piles. She’d suck them all up! Maybe this is a good idea….
    Did receive your Audry postcard. She knows how to travel in style. We need to do more of same!

    • Yeah, even if I somehow manifested the money for a housekeeper, I’d have to get all of my crap out of the way first, and that’s really the issue. The top of my fridge is now clean and my dish rack is piled high, so at least that’s some progress, even though my fingers look like disgusting albino raisins.

      For the record, your house is very near or at the top of my wish-my-house-looked-like-that list, so your use of the word “clutter” is completely different than mine. Perhaps I should capitalize what’s happening at my house… I have Clutter.

  2. for the record, i am in love with this post card, i love the drawing and that the subject matter has to do with something i always think about, which is how to do everything and keep my apartment clean.
    i also wanted to add that Kat’s house, in my mind , is for sure a home to aspire to in terms of decor, organization and clean. : ) ah Santa Cruz.

    • i can’t do it, i’m being crushed by it. my priorities are living not cleaning. it’s a dark cloud over me, and not beautiful like a cumulonimbus.

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