Tire Pressure in Paris

In 2000 I spent 7 weeks in France (6 in Paris and 1 in Provence). I was there for a photography and writing class which I’m convinced is just about the best way to explore any new country. We were required to keep a journal, to photograph everything, and to bind words and photos into a book in the end.

Having already successfully taken a screen printing and bookbinding course, I managed an A even though I never finished my book. I convinced the teacher that as I was going to stay 3 weeks longer than the rest of the group, I needed to continue working on it and couldn’t possibly finish the collages or bind it until I had all of my material. I believed it of course, and did keep working on it, but completion wasn’t in its future. I don’t think I got rid of that huge bag of bits of paper and photographs until a few years ago, when I finally came to terms with the collages as they were and ditched the rest. Photocopies of some of the post cards I sent while over there appear on a few of the pages… above you’ll find one of those, an infant collage, abandoned before its time.

For the record, this was sent to Counsel of A Year of Days fame. Aww.

Including this second collage (the first of the book) for kicks. It’s sans postcard but nevertheless postal themed.


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